The early spring of 2008 in Battle Lake area was a time when people were thinking about the future.  There were meetings about economic development, new directions for the school, a new, and larger church building for First Lutheran Church, etc.  Late in March, First Lutheran offered their current church building for sale at a good price if it could be used as a community center, but the offer would only last for a short period of time.

While there was a long term, general acknowledgment of the need for a community center, this was a unique opportunity to make it happen.  Eight people from the greater Battle Lake area met to form a Board of Directors an on April 4, 2008 submitted the Articles of Incorporation to the state of Minnesota to organize the Lakes Area Community Center (LACC).  The Board Members were  Rita Buntje, Don Kostelecky, Carol and Al Domke, Linda Tikkanen, Sonja Peterson and Chuck and Louise Reeve.  Immediately after the organizing meeting, the pressing business was to generate the funds necessary ($10,000) to make the offer and enter into a purchase agreement for the First Lutheran Church building.  During the next several weeks, a number of people from the community put their faith in this new venture by making donations totaling the required $10,000.  These donors were the First National Bank, Carol and Al Domke, Bob and Karen Wasson, Dick and Wanda Oftedahl, Peter and Carol Boyum, Warren and Linda Tikkanen, Sonja Peterson and Rita Buntje. In addition to the monetary donations, Bob Blatti, Attorney at Law, donated his professional services in establishing the organization and procuring the building.  The church Council and members of the First Lutheran Church were patient, understanding and encouraging throughout the process.

Here are the Founders of the Lakes Area Community Center!

Seated: Carol Domke, Louise Reeve, Rita Buntje.  Back Row: Al Domke, Chuck Reeve, Don Kostelecky, Linda Tikkanen, Sonja Peterson.

Since then, support has come from the community members, summer residents of the area, companies, service organization, etc.  As a result, LACC continues to serve the Greater Battle Lake area.

Thank you for spending a few minutes reading this, thereby acknowledging the vision, commitment, and hard work of the Founders of LACC.

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